Friday, February 26, 2010


Every ‘no’ is a step up.

“No” is a word you will hear frequently as you pursue your dream. “No” comes in different sizes, colors and sounds. Sometimes they are soft, “no, it’s just not for me”.
Sometimes they are harsh, “are you out of your mind? Network marketing don’t you know it’s a scam?” Sometimes they sound so intelligent, “well if this product is as good as you say it is, why don’t they sell it at Walmart?”

Sometimes “no” simply means not now. Sometimes “no” means I don’t “know” enough.

There is magic in every “no”. What is the magic in “no”?

Every “no” leads to a “yes”. If you tell enough people your story you will find the “yes”. Those “yes’s” are there and you will find them when you keep searching.

In my years in network marketing I have heard “no” thousands of times but the “yes’s” I’ve heard make it all worthwhile.

Go out there and collect those “no’s” because you know that every “no” is a step up, a step towards a “yes”.

John Haremza I will see you at the TOP Feb 26

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